🏹DAO Participation Score

DeepDAO's DAO Participation Score offers a unified rankings of every voter, proposal creator, and delegate in the DAO ecosystem. Calculated based on activity in thousands of DAOs and Snapshot spaces, it takes into account the largest dataset, and generates an easy to understand and use catch-all metric.

Current Calculation

When calculating the DAO Participation Score of a wallet, our formula takes into account 4 main elements:

  1. The number of proposals created by the wallet. Proposal creation weighs the highest. We assume that if a person takes the time to create a proposal, their degree of involvement is very strong.

  2. The number of votes executed by this wallet. On-chain votes weigh a bit more, as we assume that paying gas fees is requires a higher degree of commitment. Future enhancements will include taking into account the difference in fees between L1 and L2s.

  3. The number of DAOs the wallet has voting power in, based on token holdings. This element is weight the lowest.

  4. The time the activity took place. Recent activity is weighted higher.

Score Types

Based on the above, the score is calculated for over 6 million governance token holders, and 2 million DAO voters. There are 3 types of scores:

  1. Absolute score: measures the level of activity and weighs described above.

  2. Relative score: the percentile each wallet / person is in, based on their absolute score. For example the highest absolute score has a relative score of 100%. Since most of the voting activity is concentrated at the top of the list, the top people in governance has a relative score above 90%.

  3. Ranking: a wallet's DAO Participation Rank is the easiest to understand. The top participant is ranked #1, and second #2, and so on. Take a look at our People Leaderboard to see the 50 top wallets.

Where can I see the DAO Participation Score?

DeepDAO's participation score is integrated, and is an important part of all the dashboards that include people on our site. You can see people's DAO participation ranking in all the Organizations Members tabs, in the people leaderboard, and in the Friends & Antagonists dashboard on each personal profile.

Additional mining and enhancements

While our DAO participation score already provides deep insight into individual wallet's DAO activity, there are several important segmentations, and enhancements to the main list.

For clients wishing to customize their desired population segment, we can provide a separate list for these, and other segmentations:

  • DAO delegates only

  • Voters and delegates in a particular DAO category

  • Voters and delegates of a particular DAO

  • Voters and delegates in a particular date range (for example delegates in DeFi during the later months of 2022)

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